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Meeting Magtec and the Department Leads

Magnetic Meeting with Magtec

Earlier this month a few of the Department Leads were invited to Magtec to view their facilities which included their in-house manufacturing and assembly units. The Head Engineer Andrew Sloan and Jim Erskine the Head of Commercial, were kind enough to provide us a full tour of the facilities explaining the processes in which their electric drive solutions are designed and manufactured.

While they specialise in much larger vehicles, ranging from 7.5 tonne EV trucks to rail applications, the lessons Magtec have learned from their time in industry has provided us with insight into how to design these complicated systems as we begin our transition from an ICE to an EV powertrain.

Department Leads for 2023

The Department Leads for the 2023 season have been finalised, with each of them now assigned to their roles at SHU Racing. The students at the helm this year are:

Brendan Bourne – Team Principle and Un-Sprung Mass Lead

Findley Scrivener – Project Manager and Aerodynamics Lead

George Foot – Drivers Environment Lead and Finance & Procurement Manager

Troy Butler – Powertrain Lead

Fin Ellershaw – Chassis and Composites Lead

Stephen Kneller – Suspension Lead

Samuel Abuku – Crash Structures Lead

Thank you to Emma Thompson for taking the team photos for this year.


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