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May Build Update

The past few months have been very busy at SHU Racing, with a combination of university and competition deadlines being the focus of the team. With university finished for most of the team we are now fully committed to building the SR13.

So, where are we up to? Thanks to the support of DJ Racecar Engineering, we have been able to manufacture the team's carbon fibre monocoque and structural nose cone. Using an integrated front roll hoop has not only saved weight but also helped save time; which only required the main roll hoop structure to be fabricated and installed post cure.

The aerodynamics team has finished the tedious preparation stage for the molds including the sanding and releasing ready for laying up, with some parts for the aerodynamic package already produced. The relations we have built with the team at DJ Racecar Engineering, has not only increased the team’s composite design knowledge but also the quality of the parts we produce. This has been acquired from having students complete their placement or sandwich years at the company bringing invaluable knowledge back to the team.

Machined parts are coming in, whether it is for parts directly related to the car or used in jigs to help accurately assemble the car.

There’s still plenty more to do to get ready for competition such as installing the cooling system, engine and drivetrain among other things. Aside from the practical, we have planned for time to be spent on practicing the static events building off the success from last year.

We will be announcing the launch date of the SR13 over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on social media.

Sustainability with Motorsport UK

Building one off prototypes is never going to be the most environmentally friendly activity, but at SHU Racing we recognize that we can do more to help reduce our environmental impact while retaining performance. Currently the team uses bio resin in the aerodynamic package, using single billets to produce multiple parts and now use 95 RON E10 fuel to power the car.

Thanks to Motorsport UK teams competing in FSUK are now offered the option of using more sustainable fuels, supplied by Coryton. As the first team to choose 95 RON E10, we were invited to provide a brief presentation to the board of directors of Motorsport UK during one of their meetings discussing the sustainability of motorsport in the UK. We talked about how impactful the introduction of sustainable fuels is by allowing many teams across the UK to still compete and provide students with the experience of a lifetime to design and manufacture a vehicle, but also providing them with vital experience ready to move into industry. Be sure to look out for June issue of Revolution which we will be featuring in!

Meet the Team

Meet the team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week, we welcome Aiden Fearnley. In his second year Aiden has designed and manufactured components for the Driver's environment; while also learning to manufacture composite parts for the aerodynamic package. Aiden will tackle any task thrown at him.

Name: Aiden Fearnley

Age: 22

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Role: Team Member

Number of years with the Team: 2

Hobbies and Interests: Bodybuilding/Powerlifting

Favourite Car: Porsche 911

Dream Job: Automotive Design Engineer

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: To develop design skills and manufacturing/machining methods with metal and composites.


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