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Powering Our Success

With Dynamics 60% of points being awarded for FS UK, which has shifted a focus towards reliability in the Powertrain and Drivetrain, more on the drivetrain later on.

To follow this change in reliability, the electronic throttle body system has been removed and replaced by its mechanical predecessor, by doing so we have reduced complexity in the overall system. Additional components such as potentiometers in the accelerator pedal and the DTA Fast throttle controller have been removed reducing the mass of the system by 879g. Not using an electronic throttle body (ETB) removes functions such as flat foot shifting and throttle blip, which aids the shifting mechanism and therefore the driver. The Brake System Plausibility Device (BSPD) also requires input from the ETB system, which is a component which has proved troublesome for many teams across the years. The performance gain would only be minor, for the engines output and lap time, but does not warrant the risk of breaking down during an event.

Progressing from last year, the tools used to design the intake have been refined further to predict performance of the engine more accurately, helping the validation of manufacturing method for certain components. One being the intake runner and the location of the injector relative to the valves. Using 3D printing we can alter the position freely based on the results of our analysis, but also alter diameter and runner length which have significant impact on the performance of the engine.

Fibet are on our Frequency

Running a single cylinder has its advantages; being compact and lightweight. However with limited counteracting mass the vibrations caused by the engine and the combination of a stiff carbon fibre monocoque, result in intense vibrations throughout the car. Last year we attempted our own dampening inserts inside our engine cradle, which were incredibly difficult to make and did not perform as intended. This year we have teamed up with Fibet, a global distributor of vibration isolation mounts. With an incredibly vast range of mounts, the team has been able to specify mounts to incorporate into our engine cradle as well as other key mounting points across the car.

Expanding Our Reach

A large focus of the team this year has been about expanding our reach across the University, to increase the pool of students we can use to bolster our team. Aside from developing our recruitment process used mainly at the start of the year and offering 3rd dissertation projects for a detailed exploration of concepts to be potentially used in the future.

Led by our Project Manager, we have partnered up with the Business School at the Sheffield Hallam University, taking part in their consultancy module.

With this we have been able to offer the students an experience similar to that seen in industry, with multiple teams providing a consultancy service on more of the business focused aspects of the team, such as the business presentation, costing, marketing and sponsors. With great results in statics last year, we are using the Business School to analyse and develop our deliverables for competition this July. With regards to marketing and sponsors we hoping to use the school to evaluate our current strategies and relationships with sponsors and to how they can be improved to better suite both parties.

Meet The Team

Meet the team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make make up SHU Racing. In this blog post the team would like to introduce the Powertrain Lead, Troy Butler. Troy is in charge of the optimisation of a the Powertrain system, focusing on the fluid flow through the engine. Troy also has been involved with designing the Drivetrain, Electrics and offering support in the Media and Business departments of the team.

Name: Troy Butler

Age: 22

Course: Automotive Engineering

Role: Powertrain Lead

Number of years with the Team: 2

Hobbies and Interests: Mountain biking and rock climbing across the U.K., as well as all facets of motorsports.

Favourite Car: Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Dream Job: Head Designer of a Car for the road or track.

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: To further my knowledge of engineering practices in design, manufacturing and team work across all disciplines related to building the car.


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