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SHU Racing Class of 2019

SHU Racing Class of 2019

On Thursday the 14th November the SHU Racing Managers for the 2019 season graduated with a Masters of Engineering at Sheffield Town Hall. Along with many of our final year team members who have now gone onto positions in industry. We would like to congratulate the managers and team members from 2019 season on their graduation and their success at FSUK 2019. We wish them all the best for their futures and hope they will stay in touch!

Left to right: Adam Devonport (Bodywork & Aerodynamics), David Gray (Powertrain), Martin Heathcote (Chassis), Chandan Talwar (Steering & Suspension), Samuel Seabrooke (WHUBS).

Not pictured: Jordan Waite (Electronics), WIll Kearse (Drivers Environment)


Sponsor Shoutout

Another returning sponsor for the 2020 season are the FIBET group, who are fundamental to the build of the car. FIBETs focus is on producing rubber to metal bonded parts and other products to reduce vibrations.

By consulting with FIBET, the team have been able to select the correct bushings to isolate excessive vibration within the engine bay and therefore reduce the overall noise and movement of the engine along with several other critical components. We would like to thank FIBET for their continued support on the road to FSUK 2020! To find out more about the products which FIBET offer, head over to .


Go Karting

The first SHU racing go karting social for the year also took place this week, with the team racing at Parkwood Karting for an outdoor event, despite the wind and rain this didn't dampen the teams spirits!

This allowed the managers to spot potential drivers for Silverstone in July, as well as giving new members of the team a chance to get to know each other a bit better. Thank you to the formula student society for organising the event, and for such a great turn out. Well done to the winners, we look forward to the next round!


Meet the Team

The new meet the team section continues trying to give you an insight into the team by introducing you to our members for this season. This week we welcome Matthew Hoyle, our Team Principal and Bodywork and Aero Manager for 2019-20

Name: Matthew Hoyle

Age: 24

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering (Level 7)

Roles: Team Principal and Bodywork and Aero Manager

Hobbies and Interests: Motorbikes, Cycling, Motorsport

Favourite Artist: Catfish and the bottlemen

Favourite Car: McLaren P1

Favourite thing about Sheffield: Having the beneifts of city centre living with the peaks only a few miles away

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: Being interested in motorbikes and cars from a young age, I couldn't resist the opportunity to design and build a race car whilst at university. It also gave me the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a fast pace, exciting environment where I could apply and further develop my skills and knowledge as an engineer and as part of a close knit team.

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