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SHU Racing is an organisation founded and run by university students, with the 2021 season being the 8th year of competition. The team is comprised of a wide range of students from varying courses and backgrounds, running in parallel with our dedicated society, SHU Racing offers something for everyone. As a team we strongly believe in professional diversification, utilising students with a wide range of perspectives, ideals and educational background. This cultivates a successful working environment, and brings a wealth of experience to the team. SHU Racing is managed at top level by a team principal, who has a hand-picked masters team managing individual areas of the car's development.  

Year on year we strive to push our designs and further innovate to improve our competitive edge in the competition. Read on to find out how SHU Racing has progressed over the previous seasons.  



Sheffield Hallam University enters its first car in to FSUK and places 76th


Sheffield Hallam University places 94th overall


SHU Racing returns to FSUK and places 75th overall. Completes all static events


SHU Racing places 68th out of 97 teams and 138.5 points


SHU Racing places 72nd out of 109 teams and achieves 167.2 points in the static events. A concept class team (formerly class 2) was also entered into the event and came 31st 


This year was seen as a turning point in SHU Racings history as this is the first year the car went out on track and competed in both static and dynamic events at FSUK. Overall, the team placed 23rd out of 75 teams and received 304.5 points. Additionally, SHU Racing was the first team of the weekend to complete the 22km long endurance event!


In 2018, the team again built a car that would compete in the dynamic events at the competition. This year however, all events were completed for the first time in the teams history! The team placed 39th overall out of 81 class 1 teams with 212.2 points.



In 2019 the team again experienced great success at FSUK and placed 21st out of  81 teams receiving 332.1 points. Again the team completed all dynamic events but this year also had 2 drivers compete in each, thus earning us more points overall. This was also the first year that the team would reach a final of a static event where we eventually finished 6th and received 96 out a possible 100 points!

Upon returning to the Sheffield after the event, a few members of the team were also lucky enough to be given the chance to present the car to HRH Prince Harry and discuss our recent success with him. 


Unfortunately due to the covid 19 pandemic, no physical FSUK event was held but a car was designed. This was used as a basis for the 2021 team.


To be revealed...