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Lights Out and Away We Go!

Back to Work

Welcome back to a new season at SHU Racing! With everything getting back to normal, we look forward to recruiting new team members and seeing old faces back in lab after a tough couple of years! Bring on the 2022 season!!

2021 Season Review

Where do I begin… it was a real push to get the car ready with the short time frame between the lift of Covid restrictions and the FSUK event, but we did it! It took many late nights and some very long shifts to get the car in a race ready state so all I can say is a massive thank you to those who put their lives on hold to ensure the car was race ready.

We beat our previous records in the Acceleration Event, Skid Pad and even put it on provisional POLE in the Sprint Qualifying! Unfortunately, we were pipped by 0.5s by Sheff Racing (at least it stayed in Sheffield)!! All great signs to show that as a team, we are taking huge steps year on year.

We would like to thank the Sponsors and Technical Staff at the University for all the support they provided throughout the season and look forward to beginning to work with you all again over the coming months.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the managers for their hard work throughout last year. We hope that we can do them proud this year and maybe see them at Formula Student UK next summer! Finally, we would also like to congratulate them all on achieving fantastic final degree classifications!

Recruitment for the new team

October is the time when we begin to look for new team members to join SHU Racing and if you have an interest in cars and are a student at Sheffield Hallam, SHU Racing and Formula Student may be something you wish to be involved with!

With fresher’s week complete and the freshers fair done and dusted we have started to recruit new team members! If you missed us at the fresher’s fair drop us an email at to find out more about the team.

We at SHU Racing are proud of welcoming individuals from all academic backgrounds and believe anyone with enthusiasm, focus and the ability to be a team player can be a part of SHU Racing. We look forward to welcoming our new members to the team over the coming weeks!

Meet the Managers

With each new season comes a fresh bunch of MEng students to continue the work as SHU Racing Department Managers. This year we have the following new members:

Ollie Mitchell – Team Principal and Chassis Manager Morgan Hulme – Aerodynamics and Bodywork Manager Matt Thomas – Drivers Environment Manager Luke Brookman – Powertrain Manager Morgan Thomas – Steering Manager Josh Lewis – Drivetrain Manager Nikhil Gomez – Suspension Manager Matt Beck – Impact Attenuator and Crash Structure Manager Matt Robinson – Wheels, Hubs, Uprights and Brakes Manager


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