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Creating Tension - New Integrated Chain Tensioner

Creating Tension – New Integrated Chain Tensioner!

With the arrival of this season, the drivetrain has become a separate entity from Powertrain, which will ultimately lead to better development for both parties. A lack of attention to the drivetrain in previous years meant the team missed out on essential points to be even more successful at Silverstone 2021, with multiple chain snapping’s. This year things are going to change to ensure the success of our car!

The most drastic change that can be seen in the drivetrain is the integration of a chain tensioner into the differential mount in the form of an eccentric bracket. This is the first time a system like this will be seen on a SHU Racing car and provides huge benefits. Firstly, there is no need for a separate chain tensioner, meaning more design time can be spent on optimising designs. Additionally, this system creates an effective tension across the whole of the chain, with a range of motion of 2 chain links, thus creating the most effective power transfer. The whole differential mount and chain tensioning system is saving approximately 45% of the weight compared to the design on the previous car!

The Drexler limited-slip differential shall remain the same in the car, however, the diff positioning is now driven by sprocket alignment in order to reduce the possibility of shear stress on the chain, which caused the failure of the car earlier this year. This involves working closely with Luke, Powertrain Manager, to allow for the perfect match up!

Future work includes integrating a hand clutch system onto the manual shifter level providing a backup system should the solenoid fail, optimising solenoid positioning and designing a more space and weight effective sprocket and spider.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week we welcome our new Drivetrain Manager, Josh Lewis. Josh is tasked with delivering the power from the powertrain to the wheels in the most effective and efficient way possible by implementing new and innovative designs into the car, ensuring a smooth and fast drive.

Name: Josh Lewis

Age: 21

Course: Meng Aerospace Engineering

Role: Drivetrain Manager

Number of years on the Team: 1

Hobbies and Interests: Mountain Biking, classic and JDM cars and outdoor pursuits

Favourite Car: Nissan GTR R34

Dream Job: RAF Fighter Pilot

Reasons for joining SHU Racing: To get a more hands-on approach to designing and manufacturing a motorsport vehicle and gaining experience with a great team while also developing great relationships with like-minded people.



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