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Amazing as Always - IIDEA

Now that the dust has settled after the crazy rush to get a rolling chassis for VSR, I think it's time to give a massive shoutout to our oldest most loyal sponsor, IIDEA Ltd.

Each year, IIDEA offer their 5 axis machining capabilities to allow for more geometrically complex components to be machined. Their outstanding machining work makes it an easy decision to outsource the uprights and also takes the pressure off the students and technicians at uni as it allows for more focus on other tasks within the project. As we are always looking to adopt a DFMA philosophy across all component designs, the uprights throughout the SR12 utilise the same design for each corner of the vehicle. This both reduces machine programming, setup time and overall production time, resulting in a quick turnaround regardless of complex geometry.

Once again, I'd like to say a massive thank you to IIDEA for their continued support over the years. Hopefully, we can deliver another SHU Racing record-breaking year!

I'll stop talking now and let you admire Tom's beautiful CNC machining work.


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