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As the flow of manufacturing continues, the team has begun to receive bespoke components from our engineering sponsors and partners. With a structured timeline to build our way to a race-ready car, our engineers are seeing the fruits of their labour and witnessing the tangible parts they have been designing. Read on to find out this week's updates and the progress being made.


Dressed to impress with Workwear Express

A professional team should be represented in an equally professional manner. That is why this season SHU Racing has paired with Workwear Express, a leader in personalised clothing. The team prided themselves in looking the part at FSUK 2019, with the team wear being highly recognisable in the paddock and looking top quality to boot. We wanted to make the same statement this year with new designs which will pair the team's colours with the car and clothing.

With 28 years of expertise, Workwear Express are one of the UK's leading personalised workwear providers. With over 70,000 customers within the UK alone, their Durham based team have a reputation for supplying top quality garments and service to the nation. With the ability to turn around designs in as little as 24 hours, Workwear Express really do live up to their name!

Our designers are looking forward to having the choice of over 7500 clothing items as we try to find that unique style that will make a stand out impact at this year's event.

We'd like to thank Workwear Express and the team for their contribution to SHU Racing and the support they have offered in helping the team refine their Workwear needs.


A great bond with Hague Fasteners

Fresh from the Hague workshops are our bespoke engine bolts and wheel studs. This year, our chassis manager, Martin, required specific length engine shoulder bolts to ensure an isolated fixture between the chassis, dampening bushes and the engine. Using Hague's expertise in precision machining of bespoke fasteners, Martin was able to specify tight tolerances over an unusually large shoulder length to meet the design requirements. Hague was more than capable of meeting these challenging demands and provided pristine components on time and within spec.

The 2nd delivery from Hague were the Titanium wheel studs, intended for use in conjunction with the 2019 wheel hubs. Following on from last year's successful optimisation of the hubs, the '19 car develops the part further with minor modifications made to the studs.

The reasoning for Titanium studs comes from the requirement to match the material of the studs and hub face. Using the same material reduces the chance of unpredictable material wear and corrosion. The reduce weight also benefits the rotational inertia of the system, allowing for more responsive vehicle dynamics.


Cribbing the engine

As the primary chassis structure enters its final phases, the welding team are able to turn their attention to the additional fixtures required for the vast amount of components being attached to the car. In essence a glorified tab, the chassis has been designed to allow the simple attachment of the various connectors required to fix all additional components. With this, the team have now been able to work towards another major milestone as the engine cradle begins to take shape within the rear of the car.

Ensuring the engine cradle is set square allows the correct running of the powertrain as the driving chain runs true between the sprockets. Not only does the step allow the drivetrain to take shape, but permits a large amount of work to be done within the electrical department. The fuel system, gearing, intake and exhaust can all start to take shape around this vital component.

The aluminium jig you see in the photo holds all the necessary tubing in the exact position to allow easy welding and engine placement.


Meet the team

This week's team mate spotlight goes to Matthew Hoyle, a 3rd year member who has been on the team since his first year!

Name: Matthew Hoyle

Hometown: Bury, Lancashire

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering (Level 6)

Hobbies and Interests: Cycling, Films, Motorbikes, F1, Moto GP,

Reasons for getting into Formula Student: Even before coming to university I’ve always had an interest in cars, motorbikes and anything else mechanical. I was drawn to Formula Student as it has allowed me to develop my practical skills and apply the theoretical concepts I have learnt about, to find creative solutions to problems in a challenging, yet rewarding environment. The team has also allowed me to gain a real insight into the motorsport world and what it means to be part of such a fantastic group who support and encourage each other.

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