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The managers have been hard at work preparing the foundations for the upcoming season and now it is time to welcome in a new wave of members into the SHU Racing family.

Following on from our brilliant Fresher's week at the end of September, the team were ready to hold its welcome presentation to all those who registered their interest. On Wednesday night members new and old filled an EMB lecture theatre to listen to the plans for the coming months. It was also a chance to show the would-be recruits all about the world of Formula Student and how they can get involved. SHU Racing prides itself on including students from all levels and courses, believing that anyone with the will and determination to get involved can be developed into a fully fledged member of the racing team.

Anyone with a specific technical area in mind could register their interest with the chosen technical manager, after the masters engineers had the chance to present their design plans, as well as advertise available R&D projects for people to take up.

The presentation was rounded up with a note about our partnership with MIND Sheffield. SHU Racing partnered with the charity last season with the aim of raising awareness about mental health, especially to those students who have just made the move to independent living, away from home.



Last week, the managers had the chance to have their photos taken in order to better promote the senior team, both in and around the university. In this segment, we will give the reader a chance to get to know the team leaders better, and find out what attracted them to the Formula Student challenge.

Name: Samuel Seabrooke (EngTech)

Age: 23

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering (Level 7)

Team role: Team Principal, Sponsorship Manager and WHUBS Technical Leader

Hobbies and interests: Running, playing the guitar, coffee and cooking.


Favourite band: The Wave Pictures (anything on Radio 6 really).

Favourite way to unwind: A good long walk always clears my head, and often leads to new ideas!

Reason for getting into Formula Student:

I've been part of the team since my first year, and knew I wanted to get into it before I came to Uni. My love for the technical side of F1 attracted me in, I wanted to learn how to build a complete race car!

As I have come through the ranks, I have realised that Formula Student is more a development of a person's demeanour, rather than their technical knowledge. I have learnt so much through the team and met so many amazing people. I'm sad that this is my last year, but proud to be able to lead it as this year's Team Principal.



As we reported on in last week's post, SHU Racing had the forunate chance to host Chris Smout of the IMechE. Chris has now written up his brilliant piece about the team, its history and our aims for the coming years. If you're wanting even MORE inside news on the team, follow the link to the IMechE website and have a read!

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