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As part of our continuous improvement here at SHU Racing we have implemented an academic development team for the 2018 season. Consisting of three members: Daniel Nicholls, Joshua Priest and Tom Davis, they have been designing a turbo charger from first principles for our KTM EXC 500 engine. Including key validation cases and accurate three dimensional CFD simulations using ANSYS CFX, the designs are nearing completion.

MORE EXCITING NEWS! The development team are presenting their investigation and design at the IMechE Communication in Engineering (Viscount Weir) competition on Tuesday 20th February at Cummins Turbo Technologies.

This development comes off the back of our Powertrain Manager Will Keary securing a key sponsorship from Honeywell, with the partnership including an MG1238 turbo charger to put into our two year development program. So keep your eyes peeled! We'll be speeding down to Silverstone in no time..

Here are SHU Racing we are wishing them the best of luck, we hope you are to!

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