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We’re going to Silverstone!

With the announcement coming out last month that the competition will once again be held at Silverstone and the confirmation that the team will be attending the live events the spirits of the entire team has been turned up a notch. For those who have been before, the prospect of going back and experiencing the full event at a much beloved track has left many with a feeling of going home.

As a result of the live event being cancelled last year, this year there will be a group within the team who have been working hard for two years, but have yet to experience the joys of going to the event. For these individuals there has been great excitement and anticipation as the day grows closer the veterans tell stories and the car comes closer to completion.

We’ll be putting out newsletters regularly over of the next couple of weeks with details about what the team has been up to and keeping you updated with what we’re working on in the run up to the event.

SHU Racing Launch Event

This Friday (the 9th) at 3pm, SHU Racing and SHU Racing Development will be launching their 2021 contenders for Formula Student UK. Due to the current restrictions, the launch will be held virtually this year and broadcast via Youtube. The team would like to invite you to watch this live as it is released and chat to us in the comments. A link to the video will be provided via our social media channels on Friday, as well as being posted on a bonus newsletter on Friday. We look forward to presenting the car!

The managers will be talking through the work they have carried out to contribute to the development of the electric vehicle as well as the updates that have been applied to the 2019 car which is being raced at Silverstone in a matter of weeks.

Workwear Express

As part of the team’s preparation for the event, we wanted to present a united and professional front, from a supplier who could provide us with high quality, functional kit. And so it was a natural choice for us to turn to Workwear Express to further build on the relationship of previous years.

Workwear Express are one of the UK’s leading personalised workwear providers offering over three decades of experience. With over 70,000 customers within the UK alone, their Durham based team have a reputation for supplying top quality garments and service to the nation. With the ability to turn around designs in as little as 24 hours, Workwear Express really do live up to their name!

With the ability to choose from a range of over 7500 different clothing items we at SHU Racing were truly spoilt for choice and were able to get exactly what we wanted and needed for the event this year.

We’d like to thank the team at Workwear Express for their assistance and contribution to the SHU Racing team over the past years in helping to refine our teamwear needs.

DJ Engineering Services Ltd

DJ Engineering Services Ltd are leaders in the production of composite components for use in motorsport. This includes aerofoils and other custom designed aerodynamic solutions. In addition to this, the team at DJ Engineering Services Ltd also manufacture and race single seater cars in Britain with records in the MSA British Sprint and MSA British Hill Climb Championships.

As the team has further developed its monocoque chassis design for next season, the support provided has been invaluable. With their expertise in a variety of different methods of composite production, the team have been able to use DJ Engineering Services Ltd advice to further improve the techniques utilised in house for composite manufacturing.

The team would like to thank DJ Engineering Services Ltd for their support this year

Meet the Team

Meet the Team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week, we welcome a member of our Suspension department, Norman Fernandes.

Name: Norman Fernandes

Age: 19

Course: BEng Aerospace Engineering

Role: Member of the Suspension department

Number of years with the Team: 1

Hobbies and Interests: F1, PC gaming, guitar

Favourite Car: McLaren MP4/4

Dream Job: Work for McLaren F1

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: Great opportunity to get involved in a motorsport team. Gain experience and expand my knowledge in the field.


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