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Race Ready

Finally the week of Formula Student 2021 has arrived! After a 2 year wait to go to Silverstone again, SHU Racing are looking forward to being out on track over the coming week. For regular updates on what the team are up to, keep an eye on our social medias.

As spectators won’t be present at the event this year, a live stream of the weekends dynamic events will also be available to watch via the Formula Student YouTube channel:

SHU Racing would also like to introduce you to a few more sponsors who have been key to the teams success this year.


Crucial to the cars increase in power this year has been the use of Ricardo Wave supplied to the team by Ricardo. This is a state of the art 1D gas dynamics software used to simulate flow. As well as its use in planning out our exhaust system to ensure it was both powerful and quiet, Wave has many other uses. This includes industries such as ground transportation, rail, motor sport, marine and power generation.

The software itself can be used for analysing both the performance and acoustic characteristics of the planned system to ensure it is fit for purpose. Systems this may be used for include intake, combustion and exhaust and are all solved using the 1D form of the Navier-Stokes equations.

Ricardo Wave has allowed an optimised exhaust system to be designed which will ensure and increased level of performance on previous years.

ProFormance Metals

One of the key components to the SHU Racing car, is the steel space frame chassis that it is made from. To ensure the chassis is its best, the team turn to ProFormance Metals to supply the tubing. In addition to this, ProFormance Metals can also supply plastic, as well as offering advice and sourcing additional materials.

With the support of ProFormance Metals, SHU Racing are able to utilise the most suitable materials whilst also testing out new ones, to ensure our designs are as advanced as possible.

Carlton Hydraulics

Carlton Hydraulics have been key this year to ensuring the teams fuel system and brake lines are the best they can be. They specialise in low, medium and high pressure hose assemblies that can transfer a variety of medias, including oil, fuel, air and water. We are very grateful to the team at Carlton Hydraulics for their time and support with the hydraulic systems on the SHU Racing car.

Red Seal Racing

Red Seal Racing are a family-owned business with an aim to make motorsport more accessible by working with selected partners with their shared vision. This helps them to provide placement experiences within the team. Red Seal Racing can offer many services including driver training, getting started with racing and also ‘arrive and drive’ racing. This is all done in their 2 BMW’s, Tango and Cash. SHU Racing looks forward to working with Red Seal Racing in the future to build on our experience as a race team.


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