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Promising Developments and IIDEA

Carbon Panel Testing

It’s now been several weeks since the team got back in the lab which has given us the opportunity to continue work on future developments, one project such project showing promise is the composite chassis. Since returning, the team has manufactured the carbon test panels that are required by the competition’s regulations.

The first test performed was on the larger of the 2 samples, this sample underwent a 3-point bend test. The purpose of the test is to show that the carbon panel in its simplest geometry is equivalent to the stiffness of the steel tubes it replaces. It is also required to prove that the panel has good failure strength and that before failure, the panel can absorb as much energy as the steel tube equivalent. This is particularly key for a legal side impact structure (SIS). The 3-point bend test performed last week gave the positive result we needed, proving it meets the required stiffness for all primary structures. This week a new sample has been made using an autoclave thanks to DJ Engineering Services Ltd. who allowed us to use their curing facilities. We believe this well yield even better results than the oven cured samples.

The second sample is due to be tested today (30/03/21), this test is the perimeter shear test. We have high hopes that this sample will pass first time reaching the required failure strength that is required in the rules for the primary structures.

This material data is imperative if the team is to develop and eventually run a carbon Monocoque chassis. Overall, it looks promising and we believe this development will be one to push us further up the field in the future.


IIDEA Ltd. Return

Now entering their sixth year with the team, IIDEA are returning as a SHU Racing sponsor for 2021. IDEA Ltd are a precision engineering company based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield. Over the years of our partnership, they have been invaluable to the team with their high level of technical knowledge and exceptional work standard.

"IIDEA Limited is a designer and manufacturer of precision components for application in a range of high-technology sectors including aerospace, energy and power, environmental, motorsport and medical sectors. ​Our metallurgy expertise means we are able to work in a wide range of metal types. We have also developed a significant capability in high-level design skills using engineering and materials expertise to complement our CNC and 3D CAD-CAM manufacturing capabilities."

This season, IIDEA Ltd. are this year manufacturing the teams new EV pedal box base plates and arms, as well the uprights. We cannot wait to see them as they are always machined to an exceptionally high standard. SHU Racing are looking forward to continuing their partnership with IIDEA throughout the 2021 season and are excited to see how our designs are developed as the season progresses.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week, we welcome a member of our bodywork and aero team, Daniel Upton.

Name: Daniel Upton

Age: 20

Course: Physics

Role: Member of the Bodywork and Aerodynamics department

Number of years with the Team: 2

Hobbies and Interests: Formula 1, NBA, gaming and the gym

Favourite Car: Ferrari 488 Pista

Dream Job: F1 Aerodynamicist

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: I have watched f1 since I was 8 and have always wanted to get involved in the sport. When I realised I was not the next Lewis Hamilton I knew getting involved on the technical side was perfect for me. SHU Racing gave me an amazing opportunity to work in an incredible teamwork environment, whilst also improving pre-existing skills and helping me develop new ones. Being on a physics course it sounded like a great opportunity to get involved in something that I that would not even get close on my course.


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