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2022 Major Chassis Development

Since SHU Racing switched its philosophy from starting a fresh each year to compound development of each department, the team has seen major improvements in both performance and results, with the 2021 season being our most successful yet. However, this year we are taking a leap into the unknown and developing our own carbon fibre monocoque with a unique design philosophy.

The most expensive element of manufacturing a composite structure is the mould itself as this is typically CNC machined from a large block of epoxy or polyurethane tooling board. We have decided to go down a design path of flat panel geometry to manufacture the composite structure purely from using laser cut and CNC bent sheet mild steel. This will drastically decrease the overall cost of the chassis development whilst increasing the strength and torsional rigidity of the chassis.

With the mould being manufactured as we speak, be sure to keep an eye on our social media for sneak peaks and updates over the coming weeks!!

Meet the Team

Meet the Team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week, we welcome our new Team Principal and Chassis Manager Ollie Mitchell. Ollie is in charge of designing and developing the new composite chassis as well as managing all team members and ensuring that SHU Racing continues to grow in stature and performance.

Name: Ollie Mitchell

Age: 23

Course: Meng Automotive Engineering

Role: Team Principal and Chassis Manager

Number of years with the Team: 5

Hobbies and Interests: Mountain Biking, MotoGP & F1

Favourite Car: Porsche 964 Carrera RS

Dream Job: F1 Travelling Composites Technician

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: Having come from a motorsport background, I wanted to further my automotive/motorsport engineering knowledge and have gain experience in designing motorsport components. I was also keen to develop my composite design, manufacture and testing knowledge as composite manufacture is a career path I wish to pursue.



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