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Manufacturing Mania

We go again

Over the course of November the team have been working hard not only with our designs for the upcoming car, but learning new skills to ensure we can manufacture the majority of parts within the university.

With a fresh intake of students, we have begun our manufacturing training as our new recruits undergo a six week manufacturing course covering everything from general safety practises to turning and milling parts for a small project before we kick off our manufacturing season. By conducting the short course, hosted by our workshop technical staff, we are ensuring that our team members gain hands on experience of different manufacturing techniques and how they can incorporate them into their designs ensuring our parts are designed for manufacture.

Along with the requisite workshop training a selection of students have also opted to broaden their skill set and learn how to weld in house in preparation for our chassis manufacture, as each year SHU Racing prides ourselves on fabricating our own chassis in house with a dedicated team of welders.


Sustainable printing

In keeping with this weeks manufacturing theme, our drivers environment manager and resident additive manufacturing specialist, Tom Fox, has been busy testing new bio composite materials. As part of SHU Racings commitment towards a greener, sustainable future, we are looking to develop more components with environmentally friendly materials. Particularly for use in complex 3D printed geometries that would traditionally use ABS or PLA plastics. First initial prints and testing are showing promising results with both mechanical properties and appearance, keep an eye out in the coming months to see where we will be using this fascinating new material on SHU Racing 2020.


Meet the Team

The new meet the team section continues this week, giving you an insight into the team and who we are. This week we welcome our final department manager Greg Last, powertrain and facilities manager.

Name: Greg Last

Age: 23

Role(s): Powertrain & Facilites Manager

Hobbies and Interests: Car restoration and mountain biking

Favourite Artist: The Black Keys

Favourite car: Land Rover Defender

Favourite thing about Sheffield: It’s a chill city and close to the peaks

Reason for joining SHU racing: Building a race car sounded sick, enabling me to broaden my horizons for the future.

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