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The post easter manufacturing-madness is in full swing, as the entire team prepares for final deadlines and exams. May is a fun filled (stressful) month for the team as the academic year comes to a close.... but Formula Student ramps up! As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, spare a thought for we engineers, confined to the workshop preparing our labour of love - SHU Racing 2019.



Having now completed all CNC wishbone components, the time has come to now bond the Carbon Fibre / Aluminium suspension sets together. Using the new and improved bonding process, the wishbones will be accurately bonded, sat firmly in the custom jig.

Using epoxy adhesive supplied by EASY COMPOSITES, the bonding procedure follows strict cleanliness guidelines in order to achieve the strongest bond.

The bespoke lower wishbone sets reduce the need for precise fixtures, resulting in easier to bond components. Wishbone tabs on the vehicle are designed to maximise the running life of the SCHAEFFLER bearings, located within the wishbone ends. We can't wait to share the end result with you as we work towards our rolling chassis.


Tuned to perfection

Following our successful engine fire-up several weeks ago with the newly integrated DTA FAST ECU, the team set out for CC MOTORS - The Sheffield Rolling Road, to create a much more powerful (though efficient) engine map.

Using the expertise of the DTA Authorised Dealers, the mechanics at CC Motors helped not only map the engine to a greater performance level, but also assisted our Electrical Engineers in understanding the mapping features of the easy to use software.

DTA's technology allows on the fly mapping of the ECU, resulting in a reduced time required to tune and optimise the engine. An accessible suit of features means that the SHU Racing engineers can choose how involved the software is in managing the car, as well as what role it plays in managing the new electronic throttle control. The new solenoidal gear selector was put through its paces as well, with the cars shakedown allowing fine tuning of the mounting and actuation system.

We'd like to thank DTA FAST and CC MOTORS for their support in maximising the performance the car and its electrical systems.

Meet the team!

This week's meet the team member is Nathan, a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student and also in his 2nd year with the team. Part of the welding and fabrication team, Nathan has contributed hugely to the team's investigation into a custom Impact Attenuator system.

Name: Nathan Prentice

Age: 19

Hometown: Doncaster

Course: 2nd year Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies & Interests: Cycling, walking, playing the cello & guitar

Reasons for getting into Formula Student:

Formula Student offers the unique opportunity to gain practical engineering experience alongside your studies. It also provides great exposure to the world of motorsport, allowing you to apply your skills and knowledge to a real-world application.

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