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This week in the world of SHU Racing, a host of driven work spurred on by the return of our engine fresh from a service. With the engine back in the workshop, we can now begin to work around the unit in the real world, confirming the designs created in CAD. Read on to find the recent developments within the team.


Sponsor Shoutout

This week, we'd like to thank our most recent sponsor, Trelleborg, who have kindly provided the team with this year's impact foam for the driver's cockpit. Requiring specific material grades, the driver's head and limb protection acts to absorb impact energy to a sufficient level to prevent too higher deceleration forces travelling through the driver's body.

Trelleborg are an international supplier of polymer products, serving a wide range of industries form automotive to aerospace, to mass printing and renewable energy.

With their expertise in dampening, isolation and protection, their products have been used in applications across the globe - the team are fortunate to be able to test such products within the upcoming car.


Engine Service

Having been absent from the SHU Racing workshop for some much needed TLC, our 2nd KTM 500 EXC engine has returned fresh and raring to go, courtesy of the team at SMC Bikes, Sheffield.

Featuring completely new internals, the former motocross engine will be the sole power unit of the 2019 car. As is important with any major service, the engine now requires bedding in, so that all the new components can, so to say, acclimatise to their new configurations.

Having seen relatively few miles, their use within Formula Student cars exacts a heavy toll as our engineers learn new skills when setting up and tuning the engine. The unit's old components have also been returned to the team, so that future members can better examine and understand the wear that these critical components undertake. A huge thanks to the team at SMC and their expertise with restoring the engine to its former self.


Keeping it cool!

As is written in the rules of FSUK, cars are banned from using coolants or any additives in the cooling system, and as such our Powertrain manager, David Gray, has to look at alternatives to stop the engine overheating.

With the arrival of our new cooling fan from Mishimoto, this means that we will be sure that the engine will stay at the optimum temperature. The new fan for 2019 has almost twice the ‘CFM’ rating (Cubic Feet Per Metre) which combined with a reduced power consumption means it was the ideal choice for this year’s car.


It will be attached to our bespoke 45-degree radiator which allows for greater surface area compared to a flat radiator. Considering all of these factors, the cooling system for the 2019 car is optimised to keep the engine at a lower, more ideal temperature. A crucial task in ensuring the longevity of the engine, especially for the upcoming endurance event!


Driven to success!

This year’s drive shafts have arrived, with a new ‘cool blue’ tempered finish. Manufactured by GB Engineering, these drive shafts have a combined weight reduction of 25% between them!

The new drive shafts are expected to transmit a higher average rotational speed from the new drivetrain assembly to the wheels, still expecting to deal with a high torque curve from the engine.

A big thanks to the team at GB for producing the driveshafts and for doing such a great job!


Meet the team

This week's meet the team features our Equality and Diversity society's officer, Alex! Inclusion and accessibility are core traits of the team and it is Alex's job to make sure everyone feels at home within the team.

Name: Alex Gregor

Age: 22

Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering (Level 6)

Hobbies and interests: Motorsport, cycling, being outdoors, playing trumpet.

Reasons for getting into Formula Student: Having a lifelong passion for cars and motorsport, joining Formula Student was the thing I was most excited about when starting at University.

It allowed me to focus my interests on an exciting project and join a team of like-minded individuals. Best of all I get to see something I have worked on put to the test on track and see the car develop year on year.


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