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In this week's update, we take you threw some of the collaborative work the managers and younger years have been producing for the upcoming car. At SHU Racing, we are keen to get anybody and everybody involved in the project, and develop not only their technical skills, but their soft skills too. Read on to find out some of the contributions they've been making so far this season.


THE Steering Boss

After a close call at FSUK 2018 where the steering mechanism needed some quick engineering rework to allow the team to progress through scrutineering - in record time - further focus is being put on this year's steering assembly, and its relation to the space around it.

Henry, a 1st Year Mechanical Engineering Student, is taking up more design responsibility after getting to grips with the team in his Foundation year in the 2018 season. Mentored by Steering & Suspension manager, Chandan, Henry has been creating concept designs for the steering boss mechanism for the team's upcoming car. Using CAD skills learnt during his course, Henry has developed a component 40% lighter and 20% more compact.

The system, which houses the universal joint which allows the steering wheel to be mechanically linked to the rack, features two simple to machine bearing housings with a fixing plate allowing the assembly to be mounted to the chassis. Having identified bearings from our bearing sponsor, Schaeffler, Henry designed the system around those selected and worked to make an suitable solution, right for the application.


Changing Up a Gear

Another student entering their second year in the team is Oliver Mitchell, a 2nd Year Automotive Engineering Student and also SHU Racing's development driver. Oliver has been assisting Will, our Driver's Environment Manager, in creating a better driving experience so that our drivers feel more comfortable when attacking the track. Visibility, space and ergonomics all play into effect when designing the cockpit, and are all massive contributors to the ability for a driver to feel confident in pushing a vehicle to its limits.

Oliver has also designed a simpler steering wheel, with only vital data to be displayed within the driver's periphery. He has further worked with the electrical team to develop displays showing essential data needed at the driver's fingertips.

Amongst other areas, Oliver has designed a new, more ergonomic steering wheel, as well as a better sized shifter mechanism, ensuring the driver has the best set up possible. Once again, Schaeffler's precision bearings are being used to allow smoother operations of the gears all the while conforming to the regulations set out for the event.



On this weeks segment of Meet the Team, we introduce you to Oliver Mitchell, our very own development driver and driver's environment team

Name: Ollie Mitchell

Age: 21

Hometown: Douglas, Isle of Man

Course: Automotive Eng.

Hobbies & Interests: F1, MotoGP, WEC, BTCC, Supercross,

Motocross Reasons for getting into Formula Student: A love for racing and motorsport and the opportunity to race a car that we've designed and built on Silverstone has always been a childhood dream. I've really enjoyed working as a team, seeing from the inside what it takes to create a racing machine. The project has given me a chance to practice what I have learnt during my course, giving me a great edge when it has come to applying for an industrial placement!

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