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As we start the new semester, its all hands on deck at SHU Racing as we power towards a complete car. Read on to find about some of the progress made this week!


Springing back to life!

For the first time since their purchase, our Ohlins TTX 25 Shock absorbers have been serviced and refurbished. This will provide massive amounts of improvements to the performance and handling of the car at the event this year. Further to this, the shock absorbers can now be tested to find the best set-up using the 2018 car.

The shock absorbers were serviced by Mick Gardner Racing, located locally in Barnsley. An award-winning business (Ohlins centre of the year 2011/2012), they were the perfect company to refurbish the shocks and have had previous experience with Formula Student teams.

The shocks returned in great condition along with useful data from their suspension dyno. Our suspension manager, Chandan Talwar, has recieved great advice from the team at Mick Gardner Racing and is looking forward to effectively matching the suspension to the car's dynamic.

The SHU Racing team would like to thank Russel and the team at Mick Gardner Racing for their support and services regarding the shock absorbers. SHU Racing is looking forward to working with Mick Gardner in the future.


The chassis continues

After the huge push in design in the first semester, the chassis fabrication began last week. Martin and his team are working hard to ensure the chassis is soon complete.

Most of the chassis is currently tac welded, with some seaming to be completed this week. The welders have done an excellent job so far with the fabrication with only the precarious fitting of the engine mounts to go until complete.

The hard work by the team has meant that currently we are a month of ahead of schedule in comparison to last year; this should allow a larger allocated time for testing and optimisation of the car before the event.


Firewall and ergonomics taking shape.

The driver's environment is a key area that the team wanted to improve this year. While last year was functional, an improvement in factors such as the seating/steering wheel position, pedal box design and firewall design are all being optimised and considered.

Will Kearse, the Driver's Environment manager, working alongside a 3rd year project student, Catherine, has this week been focusing on the firewall. This has been possible due to the chassis being welded, so it has been easier to make changes and optimisations to its design.

As any Formula Student team will know, the position and geometry of the firewall is a crucial component which could mean a pass or fail at the competition, and so needs immense amounts of attention.

Other key considerations for the firewall was its ease of removal, utilising fewer pieces and improved geometry, the firewall is much easier to remove and access to components beneath has been improved greatly.

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