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Hitting Platinum, Chassis fabrication and more

WE'RE BACK! After a well deserved Christmas break, the team are ready to bring their designs to life as the race to FSUK 2019 is on!

Solvay hits Platinum

For the second year running our Platinum partner, Solvay Composites has partnered with SHU Racing to provide Carbon Fibre Composite material for its bodywork.

Solvay Composites is a global manufacturer of advanced materials and speciality chemicals. Its outreach extends beyond the automotive industry to agricultural feed and even healthcare. Solvay realise the benefits of investing in small start ups, from Student teams like SHU Racing, to young entrepreneurs creating their first start up. It is this commitment to the future of industry that brings the two parties together.

After countless commendations were paid to the look of the SHU Racing 2018 car's bodywork quality, we knew that we had partnered with the correct Composite Materials manufacturer. Our Bodywork and Aerodynamics manager, Adam Devonport, has been relating with Solvay to find the most effective blend of Carbon Fibre for the '19 car's needs.

Solvay will be entering as our Platinum sponsor for the 2019 season, we look forward to working with them and being able to spread the news of the work they do.


4G Global Ltd. Supporting bodywork & beyond

Following on from our renewed Composites sponsorship, our bodywork manufacturer, 4G Global Ltd, has too joined SHU Racing team for the 2019 season. Now in their brand new expanded facility in Clay Cross, Chesterfield, 4G will be providing their superb Carbon Fibre processing service to also add to the stunning features of the 2019 car.

Not only are 4G manufacturing the 2019 bodywork, Guy Shrewsbury has offered his knowledge of aerofoil manufacturing to assist Adam in designing the car's new bodywork so that it can be easily manufactured in Carbon Fibre.

SHU Racing appreciate all the work and support 4G Global Ltd. provide, and look forward to creating a stunning new set of bodywork for the new car.


The chassis takes shape

Following the delivery of the 2019 car's chassis tubing just before Christmas, it has now come the time to piece together the puzzle and work towards a rolling chassis. Our Chassis Manager, Martin, has been working with his team of experienced and novice welders to bring together the tubing to form the car's spaceframe chassis.

With material and profiling services from Proformance and WECL Laser, SHU Racing our aiming for their lightest and most rigid chassis yet. Using a new grade of tubing, our estimates point towards an 8kg saving over the 2018 car's frame.

Having precisely profiled tube, courtesy of WECL Laser, the chassis can be built within shorter lead times, as well as to greater dimensional accuracy. The precision of the chassis is paramount for the rest of the team's designs, and so care is taken to ensure all bars are correct and true.

Follow our Instagram: shuracingteam and other social media for updates on the development of the new chassis!

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