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Formula Student is a great project to bring theoretical modelling to fruition, and that is very much true within the electrical department this year with SHU Racing.


Mouser, a global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, has once again partnered with SHU Racing. We're excited to have Mouser onboard to partner with us as we improve the reliability and quality of SHU Racing's electrical systems. With the throttle-by-wire project and new ECU unit being intended for use with next year's car, our electrical team are sure to be in capable and quality hands when selecting components for their arrays.

With their immense catalogue and same day despatch, our electrical team are able to design, create and test their ideas within days of initial concept! Using Mouser's online 'project basket' tool, our electrical teams can add, review and collectively order components. This has helped the team streamline the acquisition of components, as well as ensure that all team members are aware of the scale of ongoing projects.


With the nature of Formula Student requiring tightly packed components, thermal worries arise, especially around the engine bay with the hot exhaust being routed through narrow passages. Thankfully, with our returning partner Zircotec, we can be rest assured that our components will not be exposed to too greater thermal extremes.

With their proprietary ceramic coating technology, SHU Racing are able to use Zircotec's specialities to apply a tough layer of thermal protection to the exhaust system. The team can be rest assured of the quality of Zircotec's capabilities by simply looking at their applications within the Motorsport market, including Formula 1, Nascar, Le Mans and more!


EPLAN Educational Day

On Thursday, our electrical team were fortunate enough for our software partner, E-Plan, to host a day of training at our Sheffield Hallam Campus. During the day the attendees had the chance to learn from expert users of the platform and extend their abilities with the package. The team were joined by students from Kingston who made the trip to Sheffield to join the ePlan tutorial day.

The day included tutorials for modelling electrical systems with respect to their mechanical applications. Having the ability to import our mechanical engineer's CAD into ePlan's software allows the electrical team to preemptively model the routing of instrumentation.

Their facilitating software also provides the correct gauge and specification of wire needed for the intended load over the specified distance. A Bill of Materials (BOM) is also generated, which helps in the streamlining of recording and ordering for new parts.

With ePLan's tools in hand, we're looking forward to increasing the pace and quality of the electrical systems within the 2019 car.

With this tutorial under our belts, SHU Racing can utilise the new Mouser partnership to create swift and effective solutions.



Name: Chandan Talwar

Age: 22

Course: MEng Aerospace engineering (Level 7)

Team role: Suspension, Steering and Facilities Manager

Hobbies and Interests: Gym, djing, gaming and learning anything to do with both rocket science and motorsport

Favourite Food: Obviously Indian

Favourite Band: I listen to all types of music, ranging from RnB to techno. Currently my favourite artist is Bryson Tiller

Favourite way to unwind: Solving rubics cubes tend to chill me out or doing any of the hobbies labelled above

Reasons for getting in formula student:

Aerospace engineering doesn’t really give you much practical experience throughout the course as it consists mainly of theory work. I joined formula student to not only to gain some practical experience but also because you get to design, develop and manufacture a part that gets used on a real project. It’s the best project to do that bridges the gap between university and employment in an engineering workplace. It also looks wicked on a CV for potential employers!

The journey so far has been incredibly rewarding as having no past knowledge of working on automotive, I have been able to learn so much to do with automotive engineering and I’m looking forward to stressful months leading up-to Silverstone.

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