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On Friday, the SHU Racing managers took the chance to attend the IMechE’s Learn To Win event at the Manufacturing Technical Centre in Coventry. It was the first time a Sheffield Hallam team had attended the Formula Student based event. Throughout the day the managers took advantage of the various workshops put on, allowing them to further their knowledge in technical, business and leadership roles.

Workshops included Cost & Manufacturing, Business and Design report writing, providing refined direction to the engineer’s so that they can aim higher when it comes to the judging.

The IMechE also released the new FSUK 2019 rules and business cases for this season’s event. Our engineers can now work to finalise their components as they adjust the designs to comply with the new regulations.

It was a great chance to meet Formula Student teams from all over the country, as well as some familiar faces SHU Racing shared a pit garage with at FSUK 2018. We’re looking forward to seeing their progression through the season and at this season’s competition.



Iidea Ltd, a SHU Racing partner for 4 years now, have joined the team again as a valued sponsor. The machining outlet based at Sheffield’s AMRC has provided invaluable support to the team, including technical excellence and quality finished parts. Their contribution to the team over its development has been paramount in helping the team to where it is today.

In the 2018 season, Iidea manufactured SHU Racing’s Uprights, Hubs and Suspension Rockers to a supreme standard, being one of the stand out features and helping us to this year’s success at FSUK 2018.

Chandan, David, Will and Samuel had the fortune of visiting Iidea’s site to tour their facilities and also discuss 2019’s developments, providing valuable knowledge on the improvement of the Design for Manufacture of the cars unsprung components.

SHU Racing are excited to welcome in Iidea Ltd. once more and look forward to working with them as we develop SHU Racing 2019.



For the team's (and Society's) first proper social of the year, SHU Racing took to the track at one of Sheffield's Go-Karting tracks. The racing wasn't just for fun though, it allowed the managers to spot team members who would be best adept at racing our coming car! However, speed is not all they will need, a SHU Racing driver must show commitment and passion for the team, assisting us as we progress through the year all the way up to Silverstone!

Well done to the winners of each heat, and thank you to our Society's team for arranging the event!



This weeks 'Meet the Manager' feature is none other than Will Kearse, our Driver's Environment Manager.

Name: Will Kearse

Age: 23

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering (Level 7)

Team role: Driver Environment, Manufacturing Manager

Hobbies and interests: Cycling and watching Netflix

Favourite food: A good steak!

Favourite band: Alternative music

Favourite way to unwind: Have been racing mountain bikes for more than 10 years so sports would be the best way for me to relax.

Reason for getting into Formula Student:

I have always had a great passion for racing. By participating in the University's Formula Student Team, it has given me the chance to work with a group of amazing people that share my sector, be part of a great project and become a better engineer as well as a person.

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