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SHU Racing Signs First 2019 Sponsorship Deals: PSP - Schaeffler - ePlan

SHU Racing have started the season strong, with the team welcoming back previous partners and inviting in new firms to the mix.

Power Systems Partners (PSP), an enthusiastic partner during the 2018 season, are back to support the team for the new term. PSP have been great supporter of the team, taking genuine interest in the progression of the team and the development of its members. It is hugely encouraging to have such a motivational partner in backing the team - it provides the group with the knowledge that the team can and will succeed come Silverstone.

Your Worldwide Partner for Electrical Plant and Systems Equipment

Power System Partners represent a number of complimentary original equipment manufacturers providing equipment for use in Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission at all voltages.

These include transformer manufacturers, switchgear manufacturers and disconnector manufacturers. PSP are committed to providing the very best service possible in identifying and supplying the right products to utilities, Contractors and OEMs at the right price. They are constantly adding to their panel of suppliers in order that they are able to provide a complete range of products for electrical infra-structure projects.

Products Include: Large Power Transformers, Power Transformers, Cast Resin Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Switchgear and Disconnectors.

For more information please see their website:


SHU Racing have confirmed their first sponsorship deal for the upcoming 2019 season. SCHAEFFLER, a multinational group involved in a wide array of industrial sectors including Motorsports, will be the primary bearing supplier for SHU Racing '19.

With their developments in the electric vehicle components market, Schaeffler have taken an early adoption into what fans and critics consider the future of transport and even Motorsport. SHU Racing are pleased to be partnered with a company who is actively engaged with the progression of future technologies.

Schaeffler have been a large contributor to the Formula Student field for a number of years now, and we hope to expand the their involvement with this partnership. Having support from a company invested in the student racing series reassures the team that the support given from Schaeffler will allow them to develop the most Formula Student-appropriate car they can. With a company who understands the time frames and levels that Formula Student teams work to, our engineers can develop more confidence into their designs with further time allowed for verification and testing.

SHU Racing are looking forward to advancing their relationship with Schaeffler as we move through the season.


With the continuous development of the car's electrical system capabilities, ePLAN were an essential sponsor to reaffirm for the 2019 season. ePlan are an avid supporter of the Formula Student field, with their software tools aiding many teams up and down the paddock. The ability for the team to map the electrical system in the technical and physical space improves the quality, efficiency and reliability of the electro/electro-mechanical systems of the car. ePlan also offer tutorials on the use of their software, which will allow our engineers to maximise what they can get out of the package.

"At ePlan, we use our innovative electrical CAD software to optimise our customers electrical design processes by implementing customised CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP interfaces. This allows our customers to work more efficiently, productively and reduce their time-to-market. Not only do we provide electrical CAD software, we offer a range of consulting services including integration, process consultancy, standardisation and automation. Furthermore, we offer a variety of training and support services. Our electrical design software products and services go beyond standard CAD programs by offering professional engineering solutions from start to finish."

SHU Racing are looking forward to developing their electrical capabilities in the coming season.

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