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The SHU Racing team left Silverstone feeling fulfilled after a successful IMechE Formula Student UK 2018. Two major milestones were achieved during the event: 1) Scrutineering completed early on the Friday, 2) ALL dynamic point scoring events entered and completed! With the car action-ready so early, the team could, for the first time, take the car onto the test track to rack up valuable driver miles in preparation for the upcoming events.

Our 2018 car received many positive comments about its styling and engineering design, with former Formula One World Champion, JENSON BUTTON, describing the team as 'most improved'. This praise from such a prominent figure was well deserved after the work and effort the team had put into the 2018 car. Formula Student events are a hugely beneficial way for the upcoming team talent to learn where the sport is moving, and what the following year's car should focus on in order for the team to progress.

For a second year in a row, SHU Racing finished the endurance race before anyone else, beating those runners who were earlier in the starting order. This again showed the reliability and speed of SHU Racing 18. With all events complete, the electrical team were free to assist our Northern neighbours from Leeds as they raced to get the car into action following engine troubles. Some members were also fortunate enough to swap team wear with Georgia Tech Racing, an American University competing at the event. This inter team relation is a great example of how Formula Student connects students from other disciplines, ages, and even countries!

After all the points had been tallied up from the design, cost and business judging, as well as the dynamic events, SHU Racing placed 39th out of 81. With the performance of the car shown at this years event, we are more confident than ever that successive cars will be even more competitive!

SHU Racing will return in early October with the most experienced Level 7 Managerial team SHU Racing has ever had, with seasoned Level 6 and newly developed Level 5 students completing the team. As always, we'll be on the look out for new recruits during Fresher's week and throughout the first few months of the academic year. There are no limits to who can join SHU Racing, we want anyone with a passion and dedication for team work, from any course, level and background to step up and show their skills.

SHU Racing would like to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors from the 2018 season, without your help, we wouldn't have been able to achieve the goals we have accomplished.

If you are a business or an individual who would like to get involved with the team, please send an email to

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