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As progression continues into the new year we thought you had better meet the management team responsible for this years team, so over the coming weeks we will be introducing our management team - and where better to start than the top...

Name: Max Vollans

Role: Team Principal / Wheels, Hubs, Uprights & Brakes Technical Lead

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering

Being part of the SHU Racing team since starting the course in 2013, Max has come up through the ranks with his first ever task at SHU Racing being pairing up the safety boots for the workshop (thanks Andrew Bell!) oh how things change...In his spare time max enjoys repairing and restoring classic motorbikes, particularly pre 1980 naturally aspirated Japanese models. He enjoys keeping fit, part taking in sport and taking things apart.. but of course spends most of his time in front of the computer spinning around our 2018 SHU Racing assembly model.

Connect with him here to find out more:

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