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Our business and Marketing team have been doing a world of good this year, and we are incredibly pleased to announce our brand new partnership with Hague Fasteners! They have supplied us with bespoke titanium wheel studs for our 2018 car - and boy do they look good! check out the pictures below.

'As specialist manufacturers, all of the items we supply are made to order, we excel at the small to medium batch quantities from literally 1pc, 5pcs 10pcs and so on through to several 100's or a thousand as a large run. We do produce quantities such as 5,000pcs but this is an extraordinary quantity run for us, our expertise is the much smaller batches. Our forte is special high integrity items in critical material grades manufactured to international standards in Superalloys such as Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel & Incoloy or components produced to customer or OEM designs & drawings, again these can be in Superalloys, Super Duplex Stainless Steels or more regular Stainless & Carbon Alloys. In very simple terms, we make to order any item you need, we can quote for anything but point out if we are competing against a mass produced Far Eastern imported standard item then our price to manufacture will not be competitive. If a stockist says "No" then that is where we step in.'

And we can certainly vouch for their quality!

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