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Around 3 weeks ago, the SHU-Racing managers were invited to attend a presentation and a tour around Precision Technologies manufacturing facilities. Precision Technologies are suppliers to leading Formula One, LMP1&2, World Rally Championship and several other top racing teams. Of course this was an opportunity too great for the team to say no to! A week or so after first receiving the email, 6 of us headed down to their facilities in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We arrived at Precision Technologies facilities and was greeted by numerous certificates and achievements hung up on the reception walls - endorsing their manufacturing excellence. The Managing Director Kevin Parkin and Technical Director Patrick Walker gave us a warm welcome with light lunch, which then led into a technical presentation outlining everything about the company, along with examples of their most prized products. After discussions about our 2018 Formula Student car developments, we then headed down for a tour around the company's manufacturing facilities, boasting capabilities of producing components up to a tolerance of 0.75 of a Micron - leading us to understand why they're called Precision Technologies. Below are some pictures from our day.

Here is some information about Precision Technologies and what they do.

Precision Technologies started life in the 1960s as a specialist toolmaker supplying Birmingham’s automotive market, and has always been based in Tamworth, at the heart of the UK’s manufacturing region. Precision Technologies grew rapidly and entered into the medical, aerospace, oil and gas, and motorsport component markets, where highly accurate power transmission components are required. Many of these components are used in high-profile, demanding applications where dimensional and metallurgical compliance is essential.

High precision components are manufactured for a number of industries; the largest being in the motorsport and aerospace markets. Parts such as transmission components, engine gears, pump parts and drive shafts are produced to very specific limitations. Whether in production runs, development or prototype, Precision Technologies gives unrivalled quality and first class service.

Check out more of their work at

A huge thankyou to Precision Technologies for inviting the team to their facilities!

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