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As some may know, IIDEA LTD have been a huge support for SHUR over the past few years and manufacturer of our hubs and uprights (See Pictures below). We decided to invite Quality and Technical Sales Manager (Matthew Sier) and the Business Manager (Tom Burnham) down to our facilities to introduce them to the 2018 Masters team and view our design progress so far. This year we are bringing a more personal sponsorship package to build closer interpersonal relationships with our partners.

It was great to welcome Matthew and Tom into our lab, we're looking forward to a tour around their facilities soon!

Please go and check IIDEA LTD out, you won't be dissapointed:

IIDEA Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of precision components for application in a range of markets including aerospace, energy, power, environmental and medical sectors. Our metallurgy expertise means we are able to work in a wide range of metal types. We have also developed a significant capability in high-level design skills using engineering and materials expertise to complement our CNC and 3D CAD-CAM manufacturing capabilities.

If your company is interested in partnering with SHUR for the 2018 season, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website!

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