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Electrifying Developments

SHU Racing’s electrical department is making leaps and bounds this year with a larger team, and with that, more projects. These projects all have a different focus to improve the performance of the car, the simplicity of the wiring and the efficiency of our systems.

Our main priority is the addition of an ETB (Electronic Throttle Body) for which the notice of intent has been completed and submitted. The next steps here are to complete wiring designs and testing with the BSPD (Brake System Plausibility Device) in order to ensure both function seamlessly together. This will allow other engine systems to be more easily linked in future projects as well as allow for a simple and effective implementation of the BSPD with regard to electronic signals.

Our next big project is the replacement of the fused relays with a PDM (Power Distribution Module) in order to reduce the wiring loom complexity within the car as well as reduce the weight of the car in order to improve performance. For this project, we have ordered an RTCX 16 input PDM as this is the most appropriate option for the price.

Our other projects include wiring in the voltage rectifier and regulator in order to be able to make use of the alternator and including a Race Technology Dash 2 dash display to show the driver the RPM, engine temperature, ambient air temperature and other important factors.

We will also be looking into wireless communications with the car, both long-range and short-range, in order to collect data from the car's performance as well as incorporating obvious warnings for the driver in the event of any potential failures during a race.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week, we welcome our Electrical Manager, Tom Hull.

Tom is the lead in the design, testing and implementation of all the electrical aspects within the car.

Tom joined SHURacing to have the opportunity to learn more about the motorsport industry as well as apply what he has been taught in his degree. Tom has never had the opportunity to work on cars prior to this and is eager to learn as much as he can about the electrical systems in a learning environment like no other.

Name: Thomas Hull

Age: 21

Course: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Role: Electrical Department Manager

Number of years with the team: >1

Hobbies and Interests: Arduino based projects, Rock climbing, Music

Favourite Car: Mk I VW Golf (A classic)

Dream Job: Robotics Engineer/Embedded Systems Designer

Reasons for joining SHURacing: To learn more about automotive electrical wiring and connections as well as develop new skills in a different environment to university education. Finally to try something new and give myself a challenge.


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