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Aerodynamics and Esports

Aero Enhancements

The 2021 SHU Racing vehicle will be the first in the team’s history to incorporate a diffuser into the aerodynamics package alongside the front and rear wings which were introduced on the 2019 model. The improvement in flow along the underbody of the car should result in a noticeable performance improvement, by both increasing the downforce whilst reducing the drag. Currently, multiple tunnel geometries are being tested in CFD to determine a design path which will produce the best performance. The image below presents the Trumpet Diffuser geometry prototype for CFD testing; hence the model is vastly simplified to reduce the complexity of the initial simulations.

The design is also intended to be two underbody tunnels which are symmetric for ease of manufacture and cost reduction, as only a single mould will be required to produce both sides. Due to the diffuser passing underneath the rear wishbones, an important factor in the design is the dynamics of the suspension, ensuring the diffuser body does not clash with the wishbones at maximum travel. This must be met whilst the area ratio of the diffuser is kept within suitable bounds for maximum theoretical performance.


SHU Racing E Sports Team

SHU Racing is taking part in Apex Online Racing Series this year which is one of the largest sim racing communities which hosts multiple casual and professional races across many racing titles. We entered the league with the goal of providing value to our sponsors by racing in live events enjoyed by thousands of viewers. Our debut race featured three cars in a gruelling NINE HOUR race at Paul Ricard Circuit in Le Castellet, France. The drivers were able to talk all things Formula Student and were even featured by the Official Formula Student Instagram page!

This weekend the team is racing again in the 6 hours of Kent at Brands Hatch in the GT4 category. Following on from the success of the previous event we look forward to seeing this weekend’s results. In this weekend’s virtual event at Brands Hatch we have 3 pairs of drivers competing for us. Qualifying is already underway for all the drivers and current positions can be checked via the following link; The teams have until midnight on Friday to complete this!

The race starts at 15:00 on Saturday 28th November. To find out how the team performs and to watch the event live, keep and eye on our social media on Saturday for a link to the live stream. Good Luck!


Meet the Team

Meet the Team is an opportunity for us to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people who make up SHU Racing. This week, we welcome our Bodywork and Aerodynamics manager, Harry Dransfield. Harry is responsible for making the car as aerodynamic as possible whilst also increasing the downforce.

Name: Harry Dransfield

Age: 22

Course: MEng Aerospace Engineering

Role: Bodywork and Aerodynamics Manager

Number of years with the Team: 4

Hobbies and Interests: Formula 1 and other motorsport categories, the gym and gaming

Favourite Car: McLaren Senna

Dream Job: Formula 1 Aerodynamicist

Reasons for Joining SHU Racing: Having always been interested in motorsport, being a member of a team full of like-minded peers working together to design, manufacture and compete with a single-seat race car sounded incredible. Having the opportunity to increase my practical skills further than my degree allowed for was also appealing, especially when contributing to a finished car.


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