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After SHU Racing’s visit to IIDEA Ltd. the team are happy to announce their renewed partnership for the 2019 season.

IIDEA are once again partnering with SHU Racing to offer their expertise in component design and machining, helping our engineers better design for manufacture. Utilising IIDEA’s experience in Titanium handling, we’ll be leveraging their skills to optimise our component design to maximise the material properties of the high-grade metal.

IIDEA Limited is a designer and manufacturer of precision components for application in a range of markets including aerospace, energy and power, environmental and medical sectors.​

Our metallurgy expertise means we are able to work in a wide range of metal types. We have also developed a significant capability in high-level design skills using engineering and materials expertise to complement our CNC and 3D CAD-CAM manufacturing capabilities.

Our engineers are excited to use the full capabilities of Titanium, with the help of IIDEA. Through optimisation and efficient design, the team can aim high when meeting with the Formula Student judges at Silverstone next year.



With an emphasis this season on correct testing and development of component parts this season, SHU Racing has been working to ensure their designs are fit for purpose before being applied to the final SHU Racing 19 car. In the recent weeks, ideas have started to be tested and data gathered as we work to firm up our choices.



After SHU Racing 18 moved away from heavy steel wishbones and incorporated a lightweight Aluminium-Carbon set up, it was decided that the point of greatest gain could be achieved in the control of the bonding process. Developing from last years bonding surface results, new contact types are being trialled including knurled, shallow thread and ‘keyed’. It is hoped that a greater pull out strength can be achieved with this enhanced control method. Pictured is our third-year student, Alex Gregor, preparing samples for adhesion.

Once the optimum layout has been found after tensile testing, cyclic and fatigue testing will be undertaken in order to assess the suitability of a set up for long-term use. The new preparation methods include an oven curing stage which will not only decrease the cure time, but improve the bonding surface as the adhesive is allowed to flow better into the micro-textured aluminium inserts.



Late last week, the team had prior confirmation of the chassis’ suitability for the Formula Student rules. Acting on this news our Chassis Manager, Martin, set to work on the long task of separating each individual tube into a part and drawing, ready for the laser profilers to cut. Prior to this, a third year SHU Racing team member, Catherine Goddard, has been working on a wooden mock-up of the driver’s environment, with the aim of optimising the space within the cockpit.

Catherine’s 3rd year report is focussing on the ergonomics within the driver’s environment and methods of improving restraints to maximise safety and freedom of movement.



Correct dampening of the engine frequencies is crucial as it allows more reliable operation of multiple components, from simple fasteners to the complex on board control electronics.

With this in mind, once again our Chassis Manager, Martin, has been working with Fibet bushings to test the suitability of some of their softer dampeners. After employing a first year student to create his test rig, Martin set up the rig onto one of Sheffield Hallam’s fatigue machine.

By simulating the calculated forces experienced as the engine swings through the RPMs, results can be gathered which would verifying the dampening capabilities of the bushing. Results so far have pointed to a great improvement over the historic steel-nylon interface that SHU Racing has used in previous years.



Name: Jordan Waite

Age: 22

Course: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Level 7)

Team role: Electrical and Finance Manager

Hobbies and interests: Fixing my 22-year-old car, gaming, watching anything on building cars, and hiking

Favourite food: Indian

Favourite band: I don’t really have a favourite band, but I like anything that’s old rock or heavy metal

Favourite way to unwind: Watching films/tv series and playing video games, or if it’s been a particularly hard day, a bath

Reason for getting into Formula Student:

Doing electrical/electronics at uni doesn’t really give you a lot of physical hands on experience with taking an idea all the way to a finished piece, especially when it comes to working with other people that you collaborate with in different technical fields. The goals I set for myself before joining the team were to gain more technical abilities, experience with teamwork and management qualities that I wouldn’t have gained while at university just by studying my course.

A unique aspect that we can all learn from is the incredible environment that Formula Student presents. A safe environment to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and develop ideas through until the final event at Silverstone where everyone gets to see their hard work put to the test and showcased, not just another presentation that everyone is well acquainted with.

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